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Customer Portal FAQs  
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Q. What are the services which are available in customer portal?
Q. How to register the policy online?
Q. For New User registration, if the life assured and policyholder is different person then whose date of birth should we provide?
Q. What should I do for Forgot Password?
Q. What should I do if trouble in login or Password lock?
Q. How to make a payment online?
Q. Can I pay premium for my policy in advance?
Q. If the system does not respond after I confirm the transaction, how can I know whether the transaction has been processed?
Q. How to get Premium receipt online?
Q. How to check policy fund details?
Q. How to add the policy?
Q. I have 2 more policies but I am not able to Add them, system gives message: You cannot Add This Policy to your portfolio.
Q. What is the Online Pin (O-Pin)?
Q. I already have my Login ID and Password, why do I need to register for Online Pin (O-Pin)?
Q. What is the procedure to get O-pin?
Q. It's been 2 weeks since I submitted my O-Pin Application but I have not received my O-Pin. What should I do?
Q. Forgot O-pin or resend O-pin?
Q. Do I need to enter O-Pin for renewal payment?
Q. What do you mean by fund apportionment and fund switching?
Q. How to do fund apportionment and fund switching online?
Q. By what time I can put request for Fund Switch?
Q. Can I know the Status of my Service Requests Online?
Q. How many request can I place in a day?
Q. What is the procedure for Address change online?
Q. If I want to change the premium/ frequency mode online, how to do it and when?
Q. Why is the service so slow?
Q. What are the browser requirements?
Q. Contact Us
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