Bajaj Allianz

Q. What are the services which are available in customer portal?

Customer portal helps you to:
  • Pay renewal online
  • Finding next premium due date
  • Fund switch
  • Fund apportionment
  • Address change
  • Frequency change
  • Download account statement
  • IT Certificate
  • Renewal Premium Receipt
  • Partial withdrawal

Q. How to register the policy online?

The procedure for online registration is as follows:

Login to our website:

Select 'Customer Service' or 'Customer Portal' tab.

For the new user, click on 'New Registration' link

New Registration form will be displayed.

Enter the fields as Policy Number, Premium amt, Date of Birth of Policy Holder and click on 'Validate'.

Kindly enter all the Fields.

Please confirm the address is correct? Y/N

If N kindly enter the correct address and update the same.

Please enter all the details and submit the form.

Your User id and Password will be mailed to your e-mail id.

Note: Kindly enter the 10 digits policy number (Add "0" before policy number. E.g. 0012345678)

In case, the customer is providing the following details, then we can register the customer's policy on the customer portal.

Policy number:

Premium Amount:

Date of Birth :

If you are getting any error while accessing Customer Portal, kindly send us the screenshot on,

so that we will resolve your query at the earliest.

Q. For New User registration, if the life assured and policyholder is different person then whose date of birth should we provide?

In this case, you need to provide policyholder's date of birth.

However, if the policyholder is an institution/firm, then the life assured's date of birth should be entered.

Q. What should I do for Forgot Password?

Click on 'Forgot Password' tab and answer the hint question to get the new password.

If you are unable to answer the hint question, then mail us to along with policy number and contact details to furnish your request.

Q. What should I do if trouble in login or Password lock?

In case you have trouble in login your Password or User Id / Password is disable please try again.


A. Please recheck userid / password.

B. Please note that password is case sensitive.

C. Incase you have forgotten your password; please submit a request for reset of password through the Forgot Password Link on the Login Page. We will authenticate you on the basis of the details submitted.

D. You may also dial the Customer Care Centre number 1800-233-7272 or mail us at or

Q. How to make a payment online?

If you have registered in customer portal then online payment procedure is as follows:

  • If you are unable to answer the hint question, then mail us to along with policy number and contact details to furnish your request.
  • Login with User id and password.
  • Click on "Premium Payment"
  • Select "Make Payment" Option
  • Select your policy number from dropdown list
  • Click on "Proceed for Payment" button
  • Enter all the fields and submit.

Payment through Credit card:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa Card
  • Diners Club Card

Payment through Net Banking:

  • ICICI Bank
  • Bank of Rajasthan
  • Oriental bank of Commerce
  • South Indian Bank
  • Corporation Bank
  • Yes Bank
  • Bank of India
  • Vijaya Bank
  • Federal Bank
  • Axis Bank

Note: If you are not able to make the payment through online, kindly contact on our Toll Free Numbers:

  • Tata Users: 1-800-209-7272
  • Bharati Users: 1-800-209-7272
  • BSNL Users: 1-800-209-7272
  • Reliance Users: 1-800-209-7272

Q. Can I pay premium for my policy in advance?

Yes, you can pay premium 30 days before the due date (when the policy is inforce)

If your policy is lapsed & lapsation period is within 6 months, then also you can pay the premium online.

If the policy is lapsed for more then 6 months then kindly visit nearest branch office for premium payment.

Q. If the system does not respond after I confirm the transaction, how can I know whether the transaction has been processed?

While doing online payments, if your server does not respond after clicking on 'Submit' button.

Do not click on 'Submit' button again as the transaction may be duplicated. Check whether transaction was successful or not by clicking on 'view payments' option or you can call at toll-free numbers or mail at for assistance.

Q. How to get Premium receipt online?

The procedure to get online premium receipt:

  • Login with User id and password.
  • Click on 'Premium Payments'
  • Select 'View Payments' Tab
  • Select your policy number from dropdown list
  • Select the date range within 1 year.
  • Click on 'View payment' button and print the receipt.

Q. How to check policy fund details?

The procedure to view the Account Statement:

  • Login with User id and password.
  • Click on 'Fund Details' Tab
  • Select your policy number from dropdown list
  • Select the date range within 1 year.
  • Click on 'Account Statement' button

Note: One of the reasons of not opening PDF file of Account Statement may be 'POP UP blocker'.

Kindly make sure 'POP UP BLOCKER IS ON'.

In Tool bar tab, click on Tools and second option 'Pop-up Blocker'. To open account statement Acrobat Reader is required.

Q. How to add the policy?

Please follow the steps to add another policy:

  • Login with User id and password.
  • Click on 'Add Policy' button
  • Enter the policy number and premium amount.
  • Click on 'Submit' button
  • Request Id will be generated.
  • Your request will be approved and policy will be added.

For further queries Toll Free Numbers:

  • Tata Users: 1-800-209-7272
  • Bharati Users: 1-800-209-7272
  • BSNL Users: 1-800-209-7272
  • Reliance Users: 1-800-209-7272

Q. I have 2 more policies but I am not able to Add them, system gives message: You cannot Add This Policy to your portfolio.

System will allow adding only those policies where the Policyholder's name, date of birth, address is same If you get the error specified above, you are requested to register separately.

Q. What is the Online Pin (O-Pin)?

Online Pin (O-Pin) is a 6-digit personal identification number

User is required to use this pin along with the Policy Number when the user wants to request for:

  • Frequency Change
  • Fund Apportionment Change
  • Fund Switching
  • Partial Withdrawal
  • Address Change

Q. I already have my Login ID and Password, why do I need to register for Online Pin (O-Pin)?

Yes, we are committed to provide you with a secure online transaction experience and protecting the integrity of our system.

For that reasons, we are enforcing two layers login process, first layer is by using Login ID and Password, and second layer is by using O-Pin. All this measures is purely to protect our customer's interest and minimize any misuse of the system. Online pin is used only for service request, which are: Fund Switch, Fund Apportionment, Partial withdrawal, Address change and frequency change.

Q. What is the procedure to get O-Pin?

To get O-Pin please follow the below mentioned procedure:

  • Login with User id and password.
  • Click on "Service Request" Tab
  • Click on "Submit O-Pin request"
  • Request Id will be generated
  • Download the Application Form, Legal Disclaimer Form & address proof List.

Kindly fill the necessary details, sign & send it across along with self-attested Address proof on the address mentioned below or you submit the hard copies at the nearest Bajaj Allianz Branch.

Our Mailing Address is:

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Online Pin Section

3rd Floor, Bajaj Finserv Building,

Survey No: 208/1B, Opposite WeikField IT

Building, Pune Nagar Road,

Viman Nagar, Pune.

Maharashtra -411014

Kindly note that your request for online-pin will be cancelled if we do not receive your documents for online pin within 15 days from the receipt of the O-Pin request.

Note: You will receive the O-Pin at your mailing address which is mentioned on O-Pin documents.

Q. It's been 2 weeks since I submitted my O-Pin Application but I have not received my O-Pin. What should I do?

In this case, you may call to inform us at toll-free numbers or mail us at:

We shall resend the O-Pin to you immediately.

Q. Forgot O-Pin or resend O-Pin?

If you forgot the O-Pin, kindly mail us to along with policy number and contact details or call us at our toll free numbers:

Toll Free Numbers:

  • Tata Users: 1-800-209-7272
  • Bharati Users: 1-800-209-7272
  • BSNL Users: 1-800-209-7272
  • Reliance Users: 1-800-209-7272

Q. Do I need to enter O-Pin for renewal payment?

No, you can use your Login ID and Password to renew your premium.

Q. What do you mean by fund apportionment and fund switching?

Fund Apportionment: Creation of new fund. In Fund Apportionment the proportion of the investment is change (where the new fund can be created by the Policy holder)

Fund switching: Moving money from one fund to another fund. Purchases and sales of funds may be done to time the ups and downs of the stock and bond markets, or because investors' financial needs have changed.

Q. How to do fund apportionment and fund switching online?

The procedure for Fund switching is as follows:

  • Step 1: Login with User id and password.
  • Step 2: Click on "Service Request" tab.
  • Step 3: Select "Fund Switch" option from list.
  • Step 4: Select the policy number, enter the O-Pin; Existing details will be displayed.
  • Step 5: Select the fund from which you want to switch out, enter the amount to be switched.
  • Step 6: Select the fund/s in which you want to switch in & enter the apportionment (%).
  • Step 7: Save the changes done.

Note: If the fund in which you want to switch is not present in your policy, kindly click on option to create new fund.

In create fund you will be able to change the apportionment & place a request for adding new desired fund; this will take a day to execute the request.

Then kindly go to fund switch & place a request for fund switch into the new fund.

You can do the fund switching as per the above mentioned procedure.

You can also place a request for the following services:

  • Partial Withdrawal
  • Address Change
  • Frequency Change.

Q. By what time I can put request for Fund Switch?

Service request can placed online up to 2:55 pm (of a working day) will get the NAV of the same day.

Q. Can I know the Status of my Service Requests Online?

Yes, you can view the status of service request online. Click on "My Service Requests" and enter the date (From to date).

Q. How many request can I place in a day?

Only one online request can be given in a day.

Q. What is the procedure for Address change online?

Click on "Service requests", select "Address change". Download the address change form and forward the same with one address proof to the address mentioned in the form.

Note: As per AML guidelines -Online Address change will be done once we receive the hard copy of Address proof with letter for Address change.

Q. If I want to change the premium/ frequency mode online, how to do it and when?

Click on "Service requests", select "Frequency change",

Frequency change can be effected only on policy anniversary date. You can give the frequency change request after paying complete one-year premium provided you should not place any online request except fund switch.

For e.g. If your first unpaid premium due date is 25-Jun-07 and you want to change the frequency from annually to half-yearly on 10-Jun-07, you should not place any other request like address change and fund apportionment between 10-Jun-07 to 25-Jun-07.

Q. Why is the service so slow?

The response time is mainly affected by several factors, including

The speed of your modem connection.

The speed / configuration of your PC, and

The volume of network traffic over the Internet at the moment you are using the service.

Q. What are the browser requirements?

Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver 6.0 +.

Q. Contact Us

Toll Free Numbers:

  • Tata Users: 1-800-209-7272
  • Bharati Users: 1-800-209-7272
  • BSNL Users: 1-800-209-7272
  • Reliance Users: 1-800-209-7272